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In frameworks of the group-reflective psychology any idea and all its displays is possible to analyze by means of structural and variant constituents of the group reflection concept.

constituents of ideas

structural constituents

variant constituents

plans sphere components kinds functional elements


The substance of idea (efficiency, value) is defined in a system of categories, concepts, perceptual generalizations and features of interrelations of perceptual generalizations. Displays of idea are any products of cogitative activity: verbal designs, schemes, drawings figures, reports - diagrams of activity of organs and of an organism received during a cogitative activity (audio-video record, an encephalogram, oculogram others). Any displays of idea are an individual display of the concept an empirical reality.

For convenience we shall consider displays of idea on an example of the report of the unwrapped speech dialogue of a group of people in a common solving of a significant task for them.

Structural constituents of thinking include: plans, spheres, components, kinds, functional elements (functions). In the given typology of function are individuals, other constituents generalize groups of individuals.

To a variant constituents of thinking concern parameters.

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