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The concept of a group reflection is developed by a scientific direction of the group - reflective psychology. The concept is submitted at theoretical-psychological, scientific - applied and introducing levels. A parental scientific direction og the group - reflective psychology is the direction: psychology of reflection.

The psychology of a group reflection at a theoretical level postulates:

1. Personal and communicative conditionality /causation/ of creation processes by an individual and the group;

2. In discursive forms of creativity the leading mechanism is the reflective mechanism of creativity. The reflective mechanism of creativity (reflective process) may be an object of quantitative measurement and the qualitative analysis within the framework of a method of the contextual - parametrical substantial - semantic analysis.

3. Theoretically parity, mutual conditionality by an individual of the group and by a group of the individual during the creation;

4. Conceptually traced interrelation of the mechanism of creation with mechanisms of: self-control, the decision making, the coordination of interests, security of claims in achievements.

The psychology of a group reflection at applied and introducing levels postulates:

1. Opportunity of a development of a reflective potential both an individual, and group subjects;

2. Opportunity of an influence on development of reflective potential, both on the part of the subject, and on the part of the agent of influence.

3. The opportunity of an increase of efficiency of activity, in a case if a reflection is included in the subject activity (irrespectively, independently or together with the agent of influence the activity is carried out).

4. The agent of influence may be both the knowledge of applied reflective mechanisms, and the third parties - the reflective trainer (-s).

5. The positive effect of development of reflective potential by the reflective trainers is achieved by means of realization of reflective procedures by them.

Working definition of concept. The group reflection is a system of highly organized mental reflection. On the part of result it is estimated (operationalized) by a degree of subjective or objective novelty of the received intellectual product, and also by a depth of worked out of the given product. On the part of process it is estimated by a volume of channels of reflection, speed of processing of the information, and also by an amount and a level of reconsidering of stereotyped knowledge or experience. The intrinsic component of organization of reflection are acts of a reconsidering of repeated reflection with a development. Reconsidering may be carried out in various forms.

The link to reflective mechanisms and reflective procedures is the empirical reality.

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Date of updating of the information 28.04.03