Topic: Political Psychology
Presentation Type:  Communication for parallel session


Dr. Mykhaylo Naydonov 1
Institute of reflective Investigation and Specialisation, Kiev, Ukraine1,Institute of social and political psychology, Kiev, Ukraine2
This Investigation started in the style of the psychological documentation with its main purpose to fix emotional, intellectual, personal and intergroup components of participants’ consciousness. A method of video (audio) interview was applied. The matter of the investigation were participants of mass events from 22.11.04 — 09.12.04 (Êyiv). The subject was the participants’ personal reflection of the event. The respondents were taken out of the “Maydan” context through a suggestion to participate in a public self-investigation. A semantic background of the interview structure were the following questions: In the present events context, what NEW appeared in Your knowledge, experience, relationships, feelings? If You could be plunged in thoughts and feelings of the opposit camp representatives (blue / orange) what NEW appeared in their knowledge, experience, relationships, feelings? What do they think about you, what do you want to tell them as to people? Your warnings and requests for politicians. Virtual present (toast, wish). In the course of achievement the main gole of events fixation there arized some topical questions, e. g.: “Are masses on “Maydan” a manifestation of their civil position or an effect of politicians’ manipulations through Mass Media?” The Investigation was held both in the camp of “power” (n=50) and in the opposition camp (n=248). Formal and semantic indicators were distinguished. Even basing on the formal indicators (refusals quantity, a quantity of video publication bands, a change of language in order to please an interlocutor, the interview timing, a quantity of group interviews etc.) we can definitely conclude that an original cause of participation in mass moves were their individual reasons, the politicians’ role involeved only their consolidation into the mass move. The content analysis of participants’ and researchers’ reflection was carried out. We inform you about a free access to our primary data ( all researchers.
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Keywords: personal reflection; mass events; Maydan;