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Grigorovskaya, Lyubov

Naydonov, Mykhaylo - The Institute of Reflective Investigation and Specialization - Kyiv - Ukraine.


The aim of this study was to investigate peculiarities of personnel selection process in Ukraine and to elaborate the tools, which provide highly exact prognosis of an applicant’s effectiveness. The reflective technology (conception of group reflection by M. Naidenov is the theoretical base) for resolving both tasks was used. Study shows that the peculiarities of personnel selection situation in Ukraine are: ) there are implicit corporate standards and rules by which real criteria of personnel selection and requirements to an applicant are determined; b) an employer's personal features determine formulation of personnel selection criteria to a great extent; c) there is an implicit approach to personnel selection as a tool of resolving the task of compensation of management failure by applicant's characteristics; d) as a result an inquiry to personnel selection specialist has high level of vagueness; that’s why it is impossible to elaborate exact and clear criteria of applicant’s evaluation at once. Besides that there are such applicants' stereotypes as implicit expectations which are determined by their subjective ideas about just hire and their conventional non-competence to achieve his/her interests to observe the conditions of the contract by both sides. Under that conditions the solution of a task to make effective prognosis about an applicant’s effectiveness become the task which propose to reveal the stereotypes of both sides for them own, to lead both sides to realisation of their needs, acceptance these needs of each other and to necessity to take mutual obligations to satisfy these needs. Reflective technology we used ensures an agreement of an employer's and employee's positions about personnel selection criteria, responsibility of both sides to follow these criteria in their relations. It is the procedural realisation of idea to turn the personnel selection process into the process of modelling of actual stereotypes and its overcoming through applicants’ and employers’ development by filling of environment with reflection.