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Naydonov, Mykhaylo - Institute of Reflective Investigation and Specialization - Kyiv - Ukraine


System of the Complex Measures for Activation of the Company's Business by Reflective Develpment Group Intervention

System of the complex measures (actions) for activation of the company's business by reflective development group intervention is a Project which has a consulting product in several directions of the innovative transformation. It proposed for companies which need an external impulse to developing. The goals of Project are: -to rise business effectiveness by growth of efficacy of HRM -to achieve the most exact information about staff abilities to bear and to perform the active offensive business ideas -to create the unity of the corporate culture as a factor of well-timed decision making on strategy of human resource development. Projects consists of the several autonomous modulus: research, consultative and complex modulus. The complex modulus with parallel (in time) making of both procedures have the most frequent using in the Projects. Complex modulus are designed as multi-stage micro-modeling procedures: to make collective decisions, to create common vision, to perform some actions, to organize group discussions, others. This procedures are the models of organizational, management processes. Participants mobilize own potential to perform progressive complicated procedures. The main method of development of participants' reflective abilities are reflective traning-practic workshops, reflective intervew and reflective influence interlocution. Our paper will present in detail the process and resulting criteria of client and participants' satisfaction in realizing and following using of the reflective technique by client and participants as indication of acceptance of influence by the external intervention group.