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The Group-reflective Management of the Complicatedly Coordinated Organizations

Naydonov Myckhaylo, Institue of Reflective Investiga

The purpose is to distinguish and formalize the criteria of complicated coordination by means of registration by psychological methods, to overcome the problem by intervention into management system. The complicated coordination is a consequence of a complexity and is one of psychological characteristics involved in the joint creative process. It is a characteristic feature of the intensive development stage in the organization, being both positively and negatively directed. The conception of group reflection as an integrator of the intellectual, personal and group reflection of interaction, mutual understanding and concordance (M. Naydonov, 1992) is a theoretical background for organizational events in group-reflective management. The diagnostic potential of the qualitative methods and the Informed concerns was used for the qualification participants' agreement-understanding of a future event in terms of complicated coordination. We used a method of the reflective training and practical work (RTPW) as a system of workshops for top-managers, executive managers and leading stuff representatives (the authoritative agents). The research of the methodological effectiveness of the RTPW for the creation of the group-reflective management system was practically carried out in 120 organizations with the total number of more than 8 thousands participants. The complicated coordination was determined in terms of analysis of psychological manifestations. The integrative indicator of the cooperative and corporate balance has positive changes (in 80% participants) while using RTPW. In the course of the RTPW an organization gets an impulse and instruments (the speech formats) of the development of organizational culture as a significant part of the group-reflective management system. The crisis period in an organization life and the complicated coordination were overcome in terms of the interests coordination through the values comprehension, new senses creation, a new strategy development, as criteria to overcome of complicated coordination.