Mediation Potential of the Reflective Training-Practical Work

Oxana Shevchuk, National Pedagogical University

Alexandra Opanasenko, National Pedagogical University

Lyubov M. Naydonova, Institute of S&P Psychology

The purpose of the investigation was to do a group analysis of the Reflective Training-practical Work (RTPW) as a form of a mediation in organizational conflict on the stage of some companies integration. Approach. RTPW is the set of workshop in organization which designed as special organizational events with external group of development. RTPW was proposed by M.Naydonov (1992) on the base of conception of group reflection. Methods. We used the following methods: 1)the group observation of the RTPW running; 2) the analysis of the group dynamics; 3) the analysis of the RTPW procedure; 4) the record of psychological phenomena, negotiations and interpretations.This report is devoted to the RTPW mediation in the productional problems solution and TOP managers decision making about companies integration. The RTPW procedure as a form of a mediation includes the following stages: 1) the preparatory stage (signing the Informed concern, revealing collaborators' demands); 2) The RTPW (work in groups like group discussions); 3) the work prolongation outside the training. Analysis was conduct on the basis of 4 RTPW during 2004 in Ukraine. A trainer helps a group to come a certain decision making using an interpretation of the common train of thought in a group.Trainer - mediator can be considered as a catalyst stimulating participants' activity in problems statement and their solution. Besides it allows to put forward several variants of a decision under the conditions of group members' active participation.RTPW as special organizational event creates an environment for mutual concordance and effective convention making.